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Kodachrome UPDATE

Kodachrome lab: DWAYNE'S

Kodak Prepaid Processing MAILERS

B & W reversal labs

Ektachrome labs

Negative labs

Old chemistry and outdated stocks

Esoteric services: stills, restoration, telecine

Sound striping, misc.

Prints & blow-ups

Fuji Single 8

Supplies- leader, splices, reels




the venerable, late-lamented beauty


In 2005, Kodak announced they would discontinue this wonderful stock in Super 8 yet you can still order it in 16mm. It's passing from Kodak's offerings was lamented but this stock will not be forgotten! Thankfully, some labs have stepped up to help filmmakers who love it. Kodachrome was made for people who love fine grain, people who love its color, people who want world class preservation of color movies> It worked for 60 years for people who love something and want it saved, people with children, people with friends, people with grandchildren who want those youngsters to have home movies they can watch 200 years from now

Simply put, Kodachrome is the most outstanding color film Kodak ever invented and for many years was their best kept secret. Oh how we wish they would have promoted it, especially to families. Take as many hours of video as you can stand to look at, but until you run out of it, my longest running advice is this:
FILM IN KODACHROME ANY MOVING SUBJECT YOU WANT TO PRESERVE. For that matter, take Kodachrome slides for long lasting color and high quality color stills.


Unfortunately, in Spring 2005, Kodak announced it is discontinuing Kodachrome film in Super 8, while later in 16mm. See statement at Kodak's press release. Meanwhile, for many filmmakers who have saved rolls in the freezer, the good news is this: Kodachrome is very stable and will produce good results after thawing, even if outdated. Be sure to thaw film in a sealed plastic bag so that condensation can occur outside the bag, not on the film.


LAB NEWS: The Kodak lab in Lausanne, Switzerland stopped processing of Super 8 Kodachrome in September 2006. Our valued and valiant friends at Dwayne's have pledged to keep processing 16mm, 8mm and Super 8 Kodachrome movie film as long as they can.


NOTE: If you have prepaid processing by Kodak or Qualex PK-59 mailer, you must send such movie film in the mailers to
KODAK Processing
P.O. Box 1171
Parsons KS 67357 to have them honor the US prepaid mailers that were sold in the US seperately form the film.

NOTE: Regular 8 comes in 25 foot Double 8mm daylight spool. Only Dwayne's lab returns the empty 8mm reels, if you ask.

NOTE: Super 8 is sold in 50 foot cartridges but the old 200 foot cartidges can also be processed at appropriate labs to the stock and process




Please use this lab! You can count on them for processing Kodachrome film of K-14 process, whether 35mm slides or movie film in 16mm, 8mm or Super 8mm!

Dwayne's Photo tel: 620 421 3940, toll free in US 800-522-3940.


Dwayne's street address for express shipments:

Dwayne's Photo, tel: 620 421 3940, toll free in US 800-522-3940.
415 S. 32nd St.
Parsons KS 67357 USA

Dwayne's address by classic mail:

Dwayne's Photo, tel: 620 421 3940, toll free in US 800-522-3940
P.O. Box 274
Parsons KS 67357


Dwayne's does excellent Kodachrome processing in Super 8 and in all other formats as well (16mm, 8mm, slides...) They offer special services in movie film like push/pull. Aesthetically, we advise against push or pull processing of Kodachrome as we prefer the extraordinary quality you get when you expose and process it normally. However, some artists prefer more distressed looking or grainy results ....but they should test it and also try a roll of Ektachrome!
The nice people at Dwaynes always returns Regular 8mm spools and cans if you ask them to.



PK-59 KODAK MAILERS for movie film

PREPAID MAILERS for PROCESSING MOVIE FILM are numbered PK-59 in the USA. Kodak says they will honor them, no matter the end date printed on the mailer or if the wrapper says Qualex, Kodalux or Kodak. Mail the film in the mailer envelope to Kodak's new special handling address in KANSAS, (retaining the numbered stub.) Your movies will be returned to you by mail after processing.

Send PK-59 MOVIE FILM mailers to:
KODAK Processing
P.O. Box 1171
Parsons KS 67357

Kodak customer service for US prepaid mailers is tel: 800 522 3940.



OVERSEAS---- The Kodak lab in Switzerland stopped processing Super 8 Kodachrome on September 25, 2006. Questions? Kodachrome Switzerland customer service email address.. Prepaid processing that was sold with the film in Europe is no longer honored so you will need to send those rolls of Kodachrome with payment to Dawyne's lab in KANSAS. Dwayne's Photo tel: 620 421 3940, toll free in US 800-522-3940.
Dwayne's website>


Black & White reversal labs



Back in 1999 Kodak's people met with filmmakers, film professors, professional DPs and labs to ask about the use of those primordial, elegant recorders of light and dark: black and white reversal motion picture film stocks. The upshot? Kodak found out why those in the know love B&W reversal. Of special note? the film teachers declared that B&W reversal is THE BEST WAY TO TEACH beginning filmmaking. They love its look on screen, the simplicity of shooting and handling, its low cost. Most of all film teachers said B&W reversal film allows them to see what a student has really learned.

Experiencing Real Film on a Screen seems to be a basic innoculation against the disease of ugly and overlong imagery that comes from the use of video camcorders. It's easy and gratifying to retrace early film history with basic cameras and B&W reversal film. The flickering images on the silver screen encourage a new filmmakers curiosity, enthusiasm and aesthetic sense while helping to build self-control. You can promote basic filmmaking for its allure and discipline. Plus X and Tri X are great in 16mm and Super 8. Teach a class, start a Flicker; there must be 100 ways to enroll new filmmakers.

Alpha Cine/Forde Labs 1001 Lenora Street, Seattle WA 98121, tel: 206/682-8230, 206/

PAC Lab, tel: 212.505.7797 Super 8, 16mm B&W, Super 16, Ektachrome reversal. Same day if in by 10:30 M-F. 24/7 by appointment. Fax: 212-475-6211. Lab: 37 E. 1st St. NYC 10003

Yale Lab, B & W, color daily, full service. 10555 Victory Blvd. No. Hollywood, CA 91606. Tel: 818.508.9253 or 800.955.9253.


Exclusive Film, 50 Portland St. Toronto: Good work. EM-26 daily, VNF-1, old rolls older EM 25 (ME4) process scheduled once a month. Tel: 416.598.2700.

Film & Video Services, B&W and color reversal. Regular 8mm, Super 8, 16mm and used equipment. Great prices. Gary Rasmusson, F&VS, 2620 Central Ave. N.E. Minneapolis MN 55418. Tel: 612.789.8622.

Bono Film Lab, B&W and color reversal, negative. lab: 3200 Lee Hwy, Arlington VA 22207. Tel: 703.243.0800.





In mid 2005, Kodak introduced a new color reversal film in Super 8 cartridges. Ektachrome 64T is described on their website and there you can find links to labs. The color reversal film that Kodak introduced to Super 8 filmmakers in August 1997, called Ektachrome 125 or 7240 ( like its 16mm cousin ) is NOT processed by Kodak. Ekta 125 needs VNF-1 processing by an independent lab. Most labs which process the current Ektachrome E-6 chemistry will handle the new Ekta 64 reversal film.

Exclusive Film & Video Services 50 Portland St . Toronto, Ont. M5V 2M7 Canada tel: 416-598-2700.

Film & Video Services 2620 Central Ave- N.E. Minneapolis MN 55418. tel: 612-789-8622.

Filmlab, 445-447 North 7th St, Allentown PA 18102-2835 tel: 610-435-8133

AlphaCine / Forde Lab / 1001 Lenora Street, Seattle WA 98121, tel: 206/682-8230, 206/682-6649 .

PAC Lab, tel: 212.505.7797 Super 8, 16mm B&W, Super 16, Ektachrome reversal. Same day if in by 10:30 M-F. 24/7 by appointment. Fax: 212-475-6211. Lab: 37 E. 1st St. NYC 10003

Prep Film Service 21940 Cumberland Northville MI 48167 tel: 800-793-3456.

Spectra Film & Video 10812 Magnolia Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601. tel: 818-762-4545, fax: 818-762-5454

Yale Lab , B & W, color daily, full service. 10555 Victory Blvd. No. Hollywood, CA 91606. Tel: 818.508.9253 or 800.955.9253.






Negative filmstocks were first offered in the early 1990s in Super 8 by the company Pro 8mm, a.k.a. Super 8 Sound in Burbank, CA. Recently, Kodak itself began selling negative film stocks in its Super 8 line. Historically, 8mm and Super 8 filmmakers used the venerable reversal film stocks like Black and White, or Kodachrome, which gave the culture what we think of as the "home movie look." They are called reversal stocks because the camera film returns from processing ready for direct projection.

We counsel family moviemakers to consider only using Black and white reversal film or Kodachrome reversal films as either will be less expensive than negative and both reversal films have outstanding preservation qualities for recording for posterity.

Negative camera film records images as negatives (like the orangish ones that come back with color still photographs or snapshots.) Negative stocks are usually the choice in the larger motion picture gauges where the intent was to create prints for distribution. Negative stocks compresses contrast engineered for creation of prints. At this time, Super 8 negative seems to be largely used in independent features and music videos for transfer for digital post-production.

A big line of negative Super 8 stocks are available from Pro8mm so contact Phil or Rhonda Vigeant,
Pro8mm at Super8 Sound, tel: 818-848-5522, 2805 West Magnolia Blvd. Burbank CA 91505.

If you choose to use Pro8 negative filmstocks, we recommend that you focus on Pro8 and their packages and use them for film, processing and transfer. That will help you and them assure the integrity of the product and services.

If you choose to buy negative filmstocks in Super 8 from Kodak US itself, go back to their website and get Kodak connections to a lab. We urge Kodak to become better advocates for its products and to design its website with an eye to helping its filmmakers.

In summer of 2004, we heard that ANDEC Lab in Berlin will be offering printing from Super 8 negative, We would appreciate any feedback from filmmakers as they try this service.

Andec Filmtechnik , Hasenheide 9, 10967 Berlin GERMANY Tel: 49 30 691 7036, Fax: 49 30 693 0321 Reversal Processing and many kinds of printing not available in the United States.




Explore filmmaking that's almost FREE and FUN?

Shooting any film which is outdated carries some risk, often reduced if you know how the film was stored. New stock will last longer if frozen at purchase and thawed inside a plastic bag to allow condensation to form on the bag not the film. Outdated color film cannot be counted on for reliable color, but can provide fun results for experimenters. If it has been held in a stable environment, preferably frozen, we find Kodachrome color to be incredibly reliable even when long outdated. (Explorers have carried Kodachrome to the ends of the earth.)

Outdated B & W stocks sometimes look normal if they were well stored. I recently took home movies on Kodachrome stock that has been frozen 18 years and had amazing results, not a surprise with this fine stock. The Ektachromes will give variable results past their date. Hand processing of old rolls can be exciting for experimental filmmakers. The Widescreen Centre in London sells home processing tanks.

The former Ektachrome 160 film requires EM-26 processing. Send it to Film Rescue or Martin Baumgarten.


Film Rescue International, Greg Miller, P.O. Box 44, Fortuna ND 58844. Greg can process old still film & movie film of these old chemistry processes: K-12, EM25, EM26, ECO-3 and ME-4. tel: 306 695 2300 or 800 329 8988. In February 2006, he called to say he is processing the old chemistry monthly.

Martin Baumgarten, Plattsburg Photographic, 18 Elm St. Plattsburg, NY 12901 tel: 518 561 6312 Martin does processing of many special films by hand. He is also the author of many helpful technical articles about Super 8 and 8mm film all across the web. Contact him at Super8mm at aol dot com. He keeps helpful pages at Martin Baumgarten's website



frame enlargements, old film processing.


FRAME ENLARGEMENTS from movie film frames

Panopticon, Inc. Waltham, MA. Telephone 781 647 0100. Call for specific instructions on how to identify frame.

Old Processing

Martin Baumgarten, Plattsburgh Photographic Martin can process old movie film. tel: 518 561 6312 Martin's website.

Film Rescue International , Greg Miller, P.O. Box 44, Fortuna ND 58844. Greg can process old still film & movie film of these old chemistry processes: K-12, EM25, EM26, ECO-3 and ME-4. tel: 306 695 2300 or 800 329 8988.




Brodsky & Treadway
We are the people who bring you this website. Our speciality is high quality transfer of Standard 8mm, Super 8, 16mm. We transfer camera original, reversal film only, and sound from all sources. Very deteriorated and shrunken film is a speciality. Our transfer is scene-by-scene only with wet gate, and we do archival frame rates. Beta-SP or Digital Betacam masters. By appointment only.
Tel: 978.948.7985. (9-6 EST) Fax (24 hr.) 978.948.3308.
Shipping (call Toni first) 69 Warehouse Lane, Rowley MA 01969, USA.
More info at Brodsky & Treadway's website.

9.5mm film telecine

Colorlab Inc. 5708 Arundel Ave, Rockville, MD 20852 tel: 301-770-2128, Fax: 301- 816-0798, contact Jake or Russ Suniewick. They have recently added the ability to transfer 9.5mm or 28mm to video, or HD, a very rare service. They can handle all guages from 8mm to 35mm and anamorphic.



These listings for filmmakers information only. This publication cannot guarantee services or service providers on its lists. -ed.




(labs in alphabetical order)

Andec Filmtechnik, Hasenheide 9, 10967 Berlin GERMANY Tel: 49 30 691 7036, Fax: 49 30 693 0321 Reversal Processing and many kinds of printing not available in the United States.

BB Optics, Bill Brand, a filmmaker and master optical printer, 212.966.6253. Blow-ups 8 or Super 8 to 16mm. Archival.


Cineric Inc. 630 Ninth Ave. NYC 10036 tel: 212-586-4822, fax: 212.582.3744 Bob Freemon. WET GATE optical printing for 8mm and Super 8 to 16mm and 35mm. Beautiful work done by Simon Lund, fast.

Colorlab Inc. 5708 Arundel Ave, Rockville, MD 20852 tel: 301-770-2128, Fax: 301- 816-0798, contact Jake or Russ Suniewick. Russ has taken our needs to heart and is expanding his excellent lab with new services for small gauge film. They have recently added the ability to transfer 9.5mm to video, a very rare service.

Frank Bruinsma, Super 8 Reversal Lab P.O. Box 6669, 3002AR, ROTTERDAM, NETHERLANDS. Frank is offering Super 8 services of processing, duplication, camera rentals and sales. Tel/fax: (from USA, start with 011 ) 31 70 36 39 5 41 .
Filmmakers report Frank is doing excellent work.

East Anglian Film Archive, University of East Anglia, Norwich, U.K. Optical step printing of 9.5mm, Standard 8mm, Super 8, 16mm, 17.5mm. Tel: 01603 592 664 and Fax: 011.44. 1 603 593 475.

John Hall for wet gate or printing to reversal stock, or Super 16. John Hall, Finch Cottage, Finch Lane, Knotty Green, Beaconsfield, Bucks, U.K. Tel: 011.44. 1 494 672 757.

Film Technology Co. 726 North Cole Ave. Hollywood, CA 90038 Phone: 323.464.3456 FAX: 323.464.7439 contatc: Alan. B & W Reversal, Printing and Telecine

Interformat at Monaco Lab, 234 Ninth St. San Francisco CA 94103. Optical printing, 8mm or S8 to 16mm or 35mm. Tel: 510.523.1100.

John Kneller optical printing services, John Kneller's email. In 2002, John wrote "I have a service specializing in optical blow-ups from super 8mm, regular 8mm and 16mm to 16mm and 35mm 1.85 flat. Both camera and printer are dual pin-registered. 11 years experience."

Optimage, Michael Saunders 48 Stirling Rd. Edmonton Alberta T5X 4C3, Canada. tel: 780.475.1206, fax 780.477.1710. Excellent blow-ups R8, S8, or 9.5mm to 16mm. Call first.

Color by De Jonhge, Kortrijk, Belgium tel: 011.32. 56. 35 07 10 / fx: 35 07 80.

Studio Gamma, 86 rue Delacourt, 4470 St. Georges, Belgium tel/fax 32. 42. 75. 17. 28 StudioGamma website






From the editor Jurgen Lossau at smallformat (issue 06/2006) the  excellent magazine in Germany comes this word on Fuji:

"Fuji Stops Produktion and Processing of Single-8 Films

April 25th 2006. Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd., the inventor of the Single-8  system, announces that the sale and processing of  "FUJICHROME R25N" and  "FUJICHROME RT200N" will stop. The last films on the market are labeled  "process best before March 2007". The Fuji lab in Tokyo will close in  September 2008 for Single-8 films.

The Japanese company Retro 8 ( ) announces that they will be able to go on with processing of Fujichrome films even after September 2008. They offer a new Single-8 film, called Cinevia, which is a daylight material with ISO/ASA 50. Because of it's acetate base the Single-8 cartridge can only take 12 meters of film stock. Fujchrome has a polyester base which is 30% thinner so that there are 15m of film inside the cartridge. Retro 8 is also offering a blackandwhite film in Single-8 cartridges (also 12m), called Retro X. The Retro 8 films for Single-8 cameras are also available at GK-Film ( ) and Super 8 Reversal lab in Rottedream ( ).  (end of quote)  from


Single 8 History 

In 1965 Fuji introduced its superb Single 8 system in Japan just moments before Kodak launched Super 8. Single 8 is 8mm wide with Super 8 image area and perforations and will play in Super 8 projectors. Its has an Estar base a type which Kodak is reintroducing in larger gauge stocks for strength and permanence. Fuji made a line of gorgeous cameras which can still be found. Single 8 had its own excellent cartridge shape (reel to reel, somewhat like an audio cassette--not compatible with coaxial Super 8 cartridges.) Fans have long argued that Single 8 is the better cartridge design for image steadiness (a pressure plate in the gate) and capabilities like full back winding (allowing great artistic possibilities for multiple exposure.)


Martin Baumgarten tells us Fuji Single 8 film is available from th:
Henry Bohlmann, Birkenstieg 21, 22359 Hamburg, Germany. tel 49 40 603 3226 (evening) or fax: 49 40 603 5491 (24 hr.) Henry Bohlmann is a private source in Germany.
The Widescreen Centre, 48 Dorset Street, London England, UK tel 020 7935 2580.
Another U.K. source is M.P.S. Photographic

Wittner Kinotechnik in Germany:
and finally one from Japan:

Fuji's Single 8 film is only processed in Tokyo. Single 8 film is no longer sold with processing included. You must send in payment when sending the film to the Japan lab. Also, select regular processing or premium. Premium means sound striping added when the film is processed (not available later.)


Fuji Single 8 processing lab:


Retro Enterprises Co., Ltd.
4-12-9 Kamezawa, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
130-0014 JAPAN
TEL +81-(0)3-3829-2776
FAX +81-(0)3-3829-2780
Opening hours: 11:00-19:00 (Weekends: - 17:00) Open 7 days a week.

Label your Fuji film "exposed amateur movie film for processing and return." Airmail it in a cardboard box with payment. Turnaround time about 3 - 4 weeks. Single 8 still has a devoted following, especially in Europe and in Japan.





Please use triacetate leader only from Kodak for preservation. Any plastic leader from any source should never be used! Plastic leaders shrink at a different rate than acetate film.

Proper acetate leader, for 16mm, Regular 8mm, or Super 8mm is probably most reliable and best price when purchased directly from Eastman Kodak. The KODAK ORDER LINE is tel: 212-631-3400 or in the US, 800-621-3456.

Kodak Regular 8mm leader is Cat Number 163 5002. The 8mm leader comes in 50 foot reels in little yellow boxs boxes and its price is steady at $ 2.84 each. When searching the Internet, we find many vendors offer this product marked up to twice or three times the price, so we wish to applaud the folks at Kodak for continuing this service to the field.

Here's are the Kodak CAT (catalog) numbers to ease the ordering of leader:


In 2007, Kodak made the requirement of a 7 roll, or 7000 foot, minimum order on 16mm leader.

To reinforce the need to use good acetate leader, we quote Russ Suniewick at Colorlab who wrote us in 2005: "PLEASE FOLLOW THE CARDINAL RULE OF PREPARING ANY SMALL GAUGE GOING TO A FACILITY FOR PRESERVATION...ABSOLUTELY NO PLASTIC LEADERS OR LEADERS MADE FROM ANYTHING OTHER THAN ACETATE. When you don't do this, we have to releader all rolls (and reslug all combined rolls) before we even begin evaluating the material through a sync block, let alone the telecine's idler roller or the sprocket drives of an optical printer. These products are never shrunk, directional stability always excellent, and one perf is always the same shape as (hello) the one next to it." - Russ at Colorlab (THANK YOU, RUSS! -ed.)







The most affordable way to join together your films is to make cement splices if you are skilled that way. Use Kodak Film cement which is sold by the pint. Call Kodak's Order Line at 800-621-3456. A well made cement splice is also very durable. When we handle old family film spliced 60 or 70 years ago we often find cement splices which still hold.

Kodak also sells Presstapes which are tape splices. They are handy but not easy to make at first. Practice and plan to put them on both sides of the film. Presstapes are sold for Regular 8mm, Super 8mm or 16mm film gauges. Call KODAK ORDER LINE, 212-631-3400 or 800-621-3456 (Use a credit card to pay.) Call in the morning as the operators in New York City are very helpful and informed about small gauge film.
Here's the Kodak CAT (catalog) numbers to ease the ordering:



VIEWERS, SPLICERS and other hardware


KARL THOMAS, Tucson AZ **** best used gear at fair prices****

tel: 520 888 3992, postal mailing address= P.O. Box 50672, Tucson AZ 85703. See Karl's website: He's strong in 35mm and 16mm gear but also stocks Regular 8mm and Super 8 viewers, splicers, rewinds, projectors and sometimes cameras.






StilDesign's vented cans are excellent. Contact these nice people for wonderful cans for archiving your collection. They are made of inert polypropelene and the cans are vented, which is state of the art for storing your films long term. Storage hint: mount your 8mm or Super 8mm films on 400 foot reels and two will fit in one 16mm 400 foot can.

B&H Photo B&H is set up to do internet orders of 8mm Gepe reels which come with boxes. They fit 8mm, Super 8 and Single 8mm film and come in sizes of 200, 400, 600, 800 feet.

CALUMET Jeffrey Newman, Industrial Account Manager, 65 Bent St Cambridge MA 02141 voice 800.795.6315 x619 fax 617.349.0015 Jeff can order cases of 8mm Gepe reels and boxes, which fit 8mm, Super 8 and Single 8mm film.

Neumade Corporation materials (at quite reasonable prices) in 8mm and Super 8. Write 30-40 Pecks Lane, Newtown, CT 06470 Ph: 203 270-1100 or Fax: 203-270-7778.

MPE: Motion Picture Enterpriseshas many supplies for 16mm film. Tarrytown NY tel: 212-245-0969

These listings are for information only. This publication cannot guarantee services or service providers on its lists. The comments available to post at the bottom of the page can be used to update us on services. Thank you. -ed.

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