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Dear all

The event described in the following press release may be of interest. Those of you in reach of London might even like to think about coming! Roger Smither

"KEPT IN THE CUPBOARD" but now out of the cupboard! Amateur treasures from the Film and Video Archive

Recent television programmes such as "Britain at War in Colour" have introduced many viewers to brilliant colour film of the Second World War. Much of this film was taken by amateur cinematographers who have left us with a fascinating and important visual record. Although this rich and private world has until recently been ignored by historians and television producers, curators at the Imperial War Museum have long appreciated the importance of amateur film and have built up a remarkable and varied collection of privately shot films and videos dating from the late 1920's to the present day. This amateur material, donated for archival preservation by civilians and former service personnel, provides a unique record of events and personal experiences from many parts of the world.

On 3rd December, curators from the Imperial War Museum's Film and Video Archive will introduce a selection of films from this constantly growing collection. The films will range from a pre-war cycling trip through Nazi Germany, the contrasting experiences of civilians in Britain, Greece and Belgium during the Second World War, secret film of testing sabotage devices by members of British Special Operations Executive (SOE), previously unseen footage taken during the making of Kurosawa's film "The Men Who Tread on the Tiger's Tail" (1945) and the first public screening of film shot in Hanoi on the day the Vietnam War ended.

The programme will conclude with a screening of "Festival of Britain" (1951) in memory of amateur cameraman Arthur Green, of New Eltham, South London, who died earlier this year.

The screening will take place at 7pm on Monday 3rd December, in the Cinema of the Imperial War Museum, Lambeth Road, London SE1 6HZ.

A piano accompaniment will be provided by Stephen Horne.

Tickets for this event are =A35.50p (including a glass of wine) and are available from the Imperial War Museum's Box Office tel 020 7416 5499

Owners of amateur film relating to the Museum's interests, and who wish to have their material preserved, are invited to contact the FVA Acquisitions curator on 020 7416 5289.

Roger Smither Keeper, Film and Video Archive Imperial War Museum, Lambeth Road, London SE1 6HZ, UK Tel: (UK) 020 7416 5290 (International) +44 20 7416 5290 Fax: (UK) 020 7416 5299 (International) +44 20 7416 5299 E-mail: Website:

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